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Stellantis’ head of software business, Mamatha Chamarthi is now the fifth top level exec to leave the automaker

 What Gives? Executive Departures Plague Stellantis

  • Mamatha Chamarthi, head of Stellantis’ software business, has left the company.
  • Chamarthi is the fifth top-level executive to leave Stellantis in the past few months.
  • This executive exodus raises concerns about Stellantis’ stability amid significant changes.

It’s impossible to run a good navy if all of your admirals quit and abandon ship. Stellantis is dealing with a similar issue in the real world. Over the past few months, at least five of its executives have abandoned the brand. The latest is Mamatha Chamarthi, a woman whose work history would seem to indicate a deep loyalty.

Chamarthi led Stellantis’ software business. She was tasked with generating revenue through connected services like navigation. She started with Chrysler Corp back in 1996 as a contractor. In 1998 she came on as an employee and ultimately worked her way into a position as Chief Information Officer with Fiat Chrysler in 2019. Now, she’s quit, effective immediately.

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According to AutoNews, Christiani Campos is taking over the now-vacant role. “Cristiani has an outstanding track record in business development in Latin America and Taiwan combined with a solid financial background,” a spokesperson for Stellantis said. They also confirmed that Chamarthi left to pursue other opportunities. Where she pops up could be telling.

Other Stellantis executives have similarly left the brand altogether while others have retired. Jason Stoicevich came on board in May as the VP of U.S. retail sales. Just two months later he decided the position wasn’t for him and left. Richard Schwarzwald, Chief Customer Experience Officer, also quit after joining the top executive team in 2021.

 What Gives? Executive Departures Plague Stellantis

Tim Kuniskis and Jim Morrison, two execs that fans seemed to really love both retired in May. Both announcements were somewhat unexpected since Morrison had just accepted a new role late in 2023 and Kuniskis seemed primed to bring Dodge and Ram into the electric age. The shifting executive sands at Stellantis have some folks worried about the company.

David Kelleher, a dealer in Pennsylvania and former chairman of the Stellantis National Dealer Council told Auto News that, “Not only did you (Stellantis) forcibly let people go that have talent and experience, other people with immense talent and experience are choosing to leave… So it begs the question: What’s causing that? I’m not going to speculate as to the motives, but they’re all coming on top of each other.”

There’s no doubt that Stellantis is in the midst of some big changes internally. It’s launching new models like the Dodge Charger Daytona, the Jeep Wagoneer S, and others. At the same time, it’s decided to drastically reduce the use of carbon credits in an effort to save cash and go greener. Can it survive so many admirals jumping ship? Only time will tell. 

 What Gives? Executive Departures Plague Stellantis
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