V8 Supercars driver smiles as he leaves court after pleading guilty

By Rex Martinich For Australian Associated Press

06:07 09 Jul 2024, updated 06:23 09 Jul 2024

  • Face Brisbane Supreme Court after two police raids
  • Had been in rehab for abusing various drugs
  • Left court smiling after sentencing 

A former V8 Supercars driver and nightclub owner has been released from court on a suspended sentence for drug possession after a more serious trafficking charge was dropped.

Wayne Jason Wakefield, 53, pleaded guilty in the Brisbane Supreme Court on Tuesday to a string of charges relating to two police raids on his homes in the space of a year starting in May 2020.

Wakefield admitted 18 charges including possession of a dangerous drug in excess of two grams, possessing a dangerous drug, contravening an order to access an electronic device and possessing a controlled substance.

Crown prosecutor Jordan Daniels did not continue with six charges including one count of trafficking in dangerous drugs and those charges were dismissed by Justice Declan Kelly.

Defence barrister Anthony Kimmins said Wakefield had attended rehabilitation for abusing ‘a medley of drugs’ as a result of his business ending up in bankruptcy during COVID-19 restrictions.

Police searched Wakefield and his residence on May 19, 2020 and found 4.8g of pure MDMA and 1.82g of pure cocaine, 0.51g of a substance containing methamphetamine and 525.07g of GBL, a chemical that converts to the drug GHB when consumed.

Justice Kelly said police were alerted to the presence of an envelope outside an apartment building in the inner-Brisbane suburb of Fortitude Valley on March 23, 2021.

‘Earlier that day (Wakefield) had been captured on CCTV footage dropping the envelope … it was found to contain five clipseal bags each containing approximately one gram of substance containing meth,’ Justice Kelly said.

Wayne Jason Wakefield left court smiling after getting a suspended sentence for 18 charges
The former V8 Supercars driver had been taking various drugs when police raided his property

Police searched Wakefield’s apartment on May 5, 2021 and located clip-seal bags with 1.08g of substance containing cocaine, 0.7g of a crystal substance containing meth, three vials containing 6.48g of pure GHB and 13.97g of morphine.

Police also found a cutting agent used to dilute drugs, a large plate with white powder and a rolled-up $5 note, two electronic scales, four glass pipes, $500 in cash and $675 in casino chips.

Ms Daniels said Wakefield had the drugs for his personal possession but some of his offending was aggravated by being committed while on bail.

Mr Kimmins said Wakefield has used his 146 days in custody and lengthy period on bail to get off drugs and find full-time employment.

Wayne Wakefield said he felt good as he left court, having been handed a suspended jail sentence

‘I have known Mr Wakefield for some years. He now looks like a completely different person,’ Mr Kimmins said.

Justice Kelly said Wakefield had shown genuine remorse.

‘Your experience in custody was incredibly difficult and onerous. It has left you with a firm resolve to never return to custody and to avoid the circumstances that gave rise to your offending,’ Justice Kelly said.

He sentenced Wakefield to 15 months’ imprisonment to be immediately suspended for a period of 15 months.

Wakefield said he felt ‘good’ as he left the court building.

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