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Imagine surfing the news and finding out that the car in your garage is in danger and has been recalled. Well, this is a common scenario worldwide. Manufacturers are forced to recall vehicles due to accidents that happen during manufacturing. Here are the 5 biggest car recalls/fails in the history of the Indian automotive market.
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Biggest car Fails: Toyota Diesel Engine Error

Biggest car fails: Toyota Fortuner

In January 2024, Toyota announced that it would temporarily suspend dispatching its three diesel models- Crysta, Hilux and Fortuner. It was stated that Toyota observed irregularities with the horsepower output certification test on its three diesel-powered vehicles. According to reports, the issue arose due to the testing device using a different software to the regular tests.

This was not a major issue and did not impact the emissions or safety of Toyota vehicles. Despite this, the company decided to conduct internal audits and suspended the faulty shipment.

In February 2024, Toyota confirmed that their Diesel Engines met the Indian regulations. Additionally, the dispatch of Innova Crysta, Fortuner and Hilux has resumed following a temporary suspension. A few days later Toyota conducted a recall for its flagship SUV the Toyota Land Cruiser 400 which was manufactured between February 2021 to 2023. This recall involved 269 units and aimed to fix the automatic programming of the automatic transmission control unit. 

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Takata Airbags 

Takata airbag fail

Takata is one of the leading airbag manufacturer who had up to 20 percent market share worldwide. However in 2013 after a series of accidents and deaths, car manufacturers observed issues in their models several equipped with Takata airbags. Globally around 3.6 million vehicles (majorly Japanese) were recalled for using defective Takata airbag inflators made in its Mexico plant.

In India, various car manufacturers like Honda, Volkswagen Group, Chevrolet and Jaguar Land Rover(JLR) were affected by this recall. The defect was majorly observed with the driver and co-driver airbags. Volkswagen called in all cars manufactured between 2007 & 2014. This includes models like the Polo, Vento, Passat, etc. 

Honda recalled its cars in 2019 which included older generation models of the Honda City, Jazz, Accord, Civic and the CR-V. A total of 5088 cars were recalled in total. At JLR, the Jaguar XF’s manufactured between 2009-2011 and Land Rovers manufactured between 2007- 2011, were recalled and new airbag units were installed free of cost.

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Volkswagen and General Motors Diesel Scandal

VW Diesel Gate

Volkswagen had installed emission software for their 15 million diesel vehicles worldwide. This allows the diesel engine to bypass the emission standard set by the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA). As per reports, when the car goes for an emission test it is fully compliant with the emission standards. But during normal driving conditions, it changes to a different mode which results in changes to the fuel pressure, exhaust gas recirculation and injection timing, among others.

All these changes resulted in better power delivery and improved fuel economy but with higher levels of pollutants being released into the atmosphere. In India about 3.2 lakh diesel vehicles were recalled which is one of the highest recalls in India ever after the Chevrolet Tavera.

Biggest Car Fails: Chevrolet Tavera

Coming to General Motors, the Chevrolet Tavera had also experienced a similar issue. Unlike in the case of Volkswagen where all the cars were affected, in Chevrolet’s case it was affected to 1.14 lakh Tavera which were manufactured between 2005-13. In the case of the Tavera, GM would send a special vehicle that would meet all the emission norms that were to be followed by the manufacturers. Moreover, the vehicles that were sold to the buyers would have different standards. 

Biggest car Fails: Ford 

Ford Figo

In 2012 and 2013, Ford recalled its first generation Figo and Fiesta due to issues with the steering and rear suspension. Cars manufactured between 2008 and 2010 were particularly affected. The rear twist beam would crack, locking the steering, and rendering the vehicle inoperable.

In 2016, Ford recalled 48,000 Ecosports due to faulty fuel and brake lines. After Ford’s exit in 2022, all models including the Ford Figo, Ecosports, Aspire, and Freestyle were recalled for DPF issues. Affected vehicles were updated with new catalytic converters and a new O2 sensor.

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