Mazda’s New Electric SUV: Everything You Need to Know

The new Mazda EV will use the NACS (a.k.a. Tesla) charging standard

tesla supercharging station kettleman city ca
Steve Proehl

Mazda does not currently have an EV for sale in America, but the brand has announced its intention to follow nearly every other manufacturer and switch to Tesla’s NACS charging plugs in 2025. That will give Mazda customers access to the Tesla Supercharger network.

The new Mazda EV could offer a rotary engine range extender

mazda cx 50 crossover

Mazda tried using a rotary engine for an optional range extender on the MX-30 (although it never offered that particular powertrain in the United States, much to the model’s detriment). That combo could be something Mazda explores further down the line to add range to its EVs. After all, Mazda just announced it was restarting its rotary engine development program.

Rotary engines are potentially ideal to use as EV range extenders: Compared with conventional internal combustion engines of similar power, they’re small, light and quiet — and could be dramatically more efficient when run at a steady RPM to charge an EV battery versus operating the vehicle’s wheels.

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