Tesla Model Y surpasses this Volvo as Sweden’s most popular car

The Tesla Model Y has topped Sweden’s automotive registrations regardless of powertrain type in the first half of 2024, as shown in new data.

The Model Y was the most-registered vehicle in Sweden in the first six months of this year, according to data from Mobility Sweden reported by Carup on Monday. The Model Y topped the charts overall with 7,386 units registered, despite a 20 percent decline in overall EV sales. The Model 3 landed 14th overall in the six-month period, while electric options from Volvo, Toyota, Polestar, and Volkswagen were also some of the most registered.

“It is gratifying that the proportion of electric cars reached the best for the year in June, but at the same time we see a stagnant market, which leads to a gradually aging vehicle fleet,” said Mattias Bergman, CEO of Mobility Sweden. “In order to meet the climate goals and strengthen Sweden’s competitiveness, it is crucial that electrification is accelerated.”

The Model Y was followed by other notable BEVs, including the Volvo EX40 and EX30, the Polestar 2, the Volkswagen ID.4, and the Tesla Model 3, among others.

Check out the full rankings below, which include both BEVs, PHEVs, and gas vehicles.

Credit: Mobility Sweden (via Carup)

Credit: Mobility Sweden (via Carup)

Credit: Mobility Sweden (via Carup)

Credit: Mobility Sweden (via Carup)

Credit: Mobility Sweden (via Carup)

The Model Y has also been Sweden’s most-registered vehicle during a few of the individual months this year, though with its status now topping 2024 1H registrations, it has also surpassed the Volvo XC60 and XC60 Recharge PHEV as the country’s most-popular car.

The news also comes as Sweden’s largest auto union, IF Metall, continues its labor efforts against Tesla, in hopes to get the automaker to sign a collective bargaining agreement. The union initially launched worker strikes against Tesla last year, and several other unions have since launched their own sympathy strikes.

IF Metall has also utilized strike strategies against Tesla such as working with government agencies withhold license plateslaunching import blockades at ports, and attempting to stop new Superchargers from being connected to the grid.

At the end of April, Tesla-partnered repair shops regained the ability to work on the automaker’s vehicles ago, seemingly easing the strikes. In addition, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said during the same month that he thought the labor efforts in Sweden were unlikely to remain a problem.

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Sweden’s largest union joins strikes against Tesla

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Tesla Model Y tops Sweden auto registrations in the first half of 2024

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