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No matter how good a product is, there comes a time when advancements in materials and engineering, production methods, and new ideas arise that signal the need for a new design. For SW-MOTECH, that time came around a few years back with its hard luggage product, so the brand hit the proverbial drawing board and came up with its new DUSC line of motorcycle luggage. Pronounced like the word “dusk”, this is an all-new line of hard shell cases designed to be sturdy, versatile, attractive, and easy to use.

Starting with the construction, instead of an aluminum shell, the SW-MOTECH DUSC cases feature a strong but flexible ABS plastic shell backed up by an aluminum perimeter frame. The 3D shape of the 3mm thick ABS shell is engineered to transfer impact forces from the reinforced corners to the aluminum frame, and any deformation of the ABS rebounds back into shape due to the properties of the plastic. The ABS is textured for an attractive appearance, and is also very scratch resistant. This creates a case that is very strong, durable, and attractive, but also light weight. The ruggedness of the cases make them perfect for ADV riders, the attractive, sleek look make them suitable for sport touring bikes, and their versatility make them great for commuters.

While ABS is the engineer’s choice when a material needs to be strong but with a degree of flexibility, when stiffer materials are needed, such as the hard mounting points, a different material is required. This is where SW-MOTECH went to fiberglass reinforced plastic, an extremely strong and stiff material perfectly suited to the task.


The mounting points and the latch system are cleverly designed in multiple ways, including allowing the same lock cylinder to lock both the case lid, as well as locking the case to the rack. The design also allows the case to be mounted as a side pannier or as a top box, adding to the DUSC lineup’s versatility.

To mount the SW-MOTECH DUSC case as a pannier, simply drop the case onto the pins on the PRO side carrier rack, then pivot the case in and engage the latch. Mounting as a top box is just as simple, by sliding the case forward onto the pins on the rack, then lowering and latching the case at the rear. In either configuration, to lock both the case lid and lock the case to the rack, simply insert the key into the single lock cylinder and lock both at the same time. When purchased as a set, the one key works on all the cases.


For convenience, when unlocked, the case lid can be opened and closed without having to use the key. Other cases require the use of the key every time the case lid is opened or closed.

From a feature standpoint, the SW-MOTECH DUSC cases are waterproof, have integrated carrying handles and lashing points, and come in either a 33 liter (M) or 41 liter (L) size, with the 41 liter version able to swallow a full face helmet. Inside, the cases feature integrated hooks to allow the use of optional accessories to organize the load, and SW-MOTECH is currently developing multiple accessories to further the versatility of the system.


With almost 25 years in business, SW-MOTECH is a worldwide leader in motorcycle accessories, and the DUSC luggage system is the latest in a long line of premium products. Headquartered in Rauschenberg, Germany, and with a plant in Czech Republic, SW-MOTECH exports to over 70 countries, with over 3,000 products in their catalog, as well as developing systems for OEMs such as BMW, Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, KTM, Moto Guzzi, Suzuki and Yamaha. What started out as two motorcycle enthusiasts with a passion has grown into a company of over 400 that bring products like the DUSC luggage case system to life, applying new ideas and methods to create the best products for riders worldwide.

The SW-MOTECH website features an easy to use interface and search function that can be used to find bike specific items, or choose from an extensive list of universal fit products.


The DUSC cases combine the latest materials and processes, German engineering, attractive looks, and clever design, brought to the motorcycling masses, and the rest of the SW-MOTECH line of products follows with the same high quality and competitive pricing. Visit the SW-MOTECH website for more details, and enjoy the ride.

This is sponsored content produced in partnership with SW-MOTECH.

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